FRANS DE WAARD – Courrière

Mystery Sea

I was already fantasizing about a sequence of archetypal adjectives of supposed usefulness to represent the exudations contained by Courrière before looking at De Waard’s notes explaining the album’s primary element (check the label’s link just above). What remains to be told is that the music maintains the traits of “amplified steaminess” in the slo-mo scenes succeeding in 43+ minutes (also characterized by the emergence of cold glares and metallic flavors). We’re basically dealing with grey-tinged, dilated soundscaping defined by an essential rarefaction of dynamic spikes, in which slowly gravitating accumulations of filtered frequencies pad the environment, with rare traces of sunlight. The level of induced sleepiness is superior to that of active suspension; but when the record’s over, the sudden absence of the gaseous substance we were being silently intoxicated by becomes conspicuous. Ultimately, this is one of those releases barely identifiable among hundreds of similar ones. Yet, for some reason, it works quite fine until it lasts. And not for a moment I was reminded of a kayak propelled by the rapids.

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