Contour Editions

Borghi hails from Pietrasanta and studied fine arts in Carrara, so take note: I’m biased, for this man carries the same blood of my Northwestern Tuscan ancestry. And if that weren’t enough, this 25-minute artifact – consisting of Max/MSP-generated composites of both aleatory and more precisely defined acoustic events – satisfies the minimum requirements for consideration at the high floors of the overcrowded palace constructed upon laptop-born soundscapes.

Best qualities: an appreciable unconstraint, a sensation of unobstructed flow in parallel with seclusive vibrations, and a nearly cinematic equilibrium of close-ups and surrounding vastness. The identity of some of the sources can be (partially) intuited, not necessarily guessed; deeply humming frequencies, unfathomable drones and crackling/fizzling materials are not new to these ears, yet commonplace is quite distant. The overall sonic spectrum might not be overwhelming, but each of the elements chosen by Borghi for his narrative works flawlessly. What is missing in audacity and shocking surprises is abundantly repaid in soberness and, if you excuse the term, class. Not an emission sounds out of place in this short work, which demands the pushing of the “repeat” button until you’re finally seduced.

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