Great to receive some fresh news from Marco Oppedisano, who was missing from these pages since 2011. In its relatively short duration, Resolute confirms what I’ve always thought about this gentleman’s work: characterized by the fastidiousness typical of a composer who wishes every tiny detail to be correctly placed, at the same time his pieces reveal a somewhat naive (in a positive sense) creative individuality. In this specific geometry, unequivocal timbral choices are filtered by a spirit equaling that of a serious home researcher; this occurs in these five tracks as well. Ripe guitar tones and cinematic chords substantiate bizarre dissonant constructions which, in turn, provide an uneven counterweight to more enigmatic segments. Samples that would appear as quasi-banal in a normal context here are orchestrated with indubitable taste, becoming important elements of structures in perpetual change. Oppedisano knows how to keep our attention awake without recurring to cheap trickery; he’s a sincere musician who prefers letting the years go by to publishing a slapdash record.

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