THE PEELED EYE – The Peeled Eye


The Hauf/Siewert/Weber/Heather consortium just registered at the chamber of commerce of hard-socking quartets, and immediately started to work. The seven tracks of this debut album do not concede anything to bucolic serenity; from start to finish, The Peeled Eye put their robust fingers in action to knead, mold and stretch a flexible matter whose components hybridize a somewhat ominous variety of avant rock and modern-sounding free improv. The obvious point of comparison for a superficial analysis would be Last Exit, of which this unit replicates the instrumental constitution. But Boris Hauf plays baritone sax, a gradation that alone shifts the group’s racket into areas where crying out with a bleeding heart is less important than walking through the relatively contained violence of certain dark alleys.

The overall sound is extremely solid: the lower frequencies are masterfully enhanced by Christian Weber’s growling – or at the very least quietly threatening – bass, whereas Steve Heather’s rhythmic demarcations oscillate between “cleverly undomesticated” and “vigorously square”. That leaves us with Martin Siewert’s buzzsaw methods on the guitar: the disfigurement of linearity walks hand in hand with the fetishization of a putrescent type of pseudo-blues, sometimes with truly exciting effects. Still, my favorite moments belong to the 11-minute “Heavy Quarters” where, among other visions, we’re even treated with gorgeous glissandos within a mounting tension. Great beginning of a hopefully long-lasting story; now shut up, play loud and feel your ass kicked.

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