Creative Sources

By focusing exclusively on the physical characteristics of their joint exhalations deprived of intellectual appendages, in just over 27 minutes this quintet shows a remarkable commitment to the attainment of an intermutual fullness. It is interesting to note how the “all strings” setting gives birth to a cycle of aural frames that, intermittently, make us forget about the actual acoustic origin, notwithstanding the auricular membranes greeting swelling waves, squealing pitches, prismatic upper partials and, generally speaking, vibrational wisdom. Truly prominent, in fact, is the contingency of varyingly shaded layers of canorous emission and an environment that seems to act more as a shelter than an additive for that brain-activating coalescence.

If you’re used to incorrigibly looking to single out instruments during an improvised performance, the point is going to be totally missed in this case (although sharp ears can discern the sources with relative ease). However, the real preciousness conveyed by Exaíphnes is explicated by its impermeability against anal-retentive analysis and aesthetic judgement, all the while retaining a sense of modest beauty. We reiterated the spinning of the CD, always with the same result: being surrounded by ever-fascinating frequencies within an overall atmosphere of implied (or less) gestural awareness. Everything exists in the moment, combining for the time needed to suggest a constructive coexistence; and then disappears mysteriously, without a rational explanation for that impermanent charm.

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