WERKTAG / CHESSEX / BUESS – Werktag / Chessex / Buess

A Tree In A Field

First meeting for me with Werktag, a Swiss trio that hits precisely and in the right spots as far as one can gather by listening to this LP. Alex Buess’ “Shattered Grid” is a composition whose large part verges on the disruptive side of lucidity; despite the apparent chaos of certain sections where the electronics have their definite say, one is always left utterly responsive to what gets played, or to the noises emitted. The piece is grounded on a relevant amount of percussiveness, but also obsessiveness; it’s characterized by repeated blasts and violent crescendos yet leaves some room for the ears and the mind to reconsider – at least partially – what has just been seized from a scathing sonic mass. Antoine Chessex’s “Furia” – you already guessed that this is the Italian word for “fury” – might contain a little more of an “internal design”, but the result is equally closer to the acoustic rendering of an altered state of the nervous system. The nearly hysterical sax phrasing, the hammering on the piano keyboard and the asymmetrical drumming are only three among the variable constituents of a mechanism destined to set a good number of unfit brains in dire need of relief. Indeed that relief comes, at the very end, as the pace gradually diminishes and silence start to crawl in. Still too late for those who had waited for an ounce of consonance like manna.

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