NADIR – Excessive Redundancy


I spent the entire weekend by listening to sonorities that encourage composure (Somei Satoh, Hafler Trio). Therefore nothing is better, for starting the new week, of some serious disruption of that state. A short, incisive statement by Australian duo Nadir – pleased to meet you guys – presents us with brief demonstrations of real-time computerized manipulation of synthetic emissions that were born irregular in the first place. There’s no need of excessively redundant (heh!) words on my behalf – you can check the link above and hear for yourselves – but this recipe of chaotic waves, off-center pulses and absolutely inharmonic combinations is entirely digestible in its own bizarre way, and an excellent exercise for the brain. Sort of a polyrhythmia of spermatozoa (bombed with radiations) who lose their path, only to find themselves happily swimming inside the circuits of a blender whose plastic parts are warped by unreasonable heat. Crisp sonic antimatter, totally unrecommended for morning yoga practices.

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