ADAM ASNAN – Carriers, PA


I’m delighted to introduce a Slovakian label which might definitely appeal to the people who regard tampering with circuits as a form of art, and find a measure of poetry in the work of the still-too-unsung geniuses of the field (Francisco Meirino, Tim Olive, Norbert Möslang… got the picture?). This is also my first summit with Adam Asnan: as you can see through the above link, he is quite meticulous in explaining the genesis of his pieces; the average “rehash the press release and get paid” reviewer will have an entire lunch ready in no time, provided that they realize that Carriers is not a town in Pennsylvania. What is the rationale behind our liking, then? Perhaps it’s the same innate curiosity which led Asnan to concoct this austere set of noisy randomness, incongruous strain, whirring multiplicities, humming embryos and terrifying about-to-explode-but-it-doesn’t-happen crescendos. The concept is relatively simple, but efficiently developed: utilizing acoustic disfiguration and modified apparatuses as a rich palette for (literally) psychotropic gratification. No pathetic symbolisms, no fanciful tricks. Just the right amount of cerebral stimulation, with several truly great discharges to be zapped by. Careful with that headphone volume, Eugene.

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