Sound Anatomy

The label’s name precisely outlines what today’s theoretical analysts should study and practice before daring to type a single sentence about sound, particularly at this level of outside-the-canon noncompliance. That the first release submitted by this imprint encloses dissected waveforms, nonfigurative fantasies, blotchy partials and lucid dreams by two veritable specialists is therefore entirely fitting. For decades now, Obermayer and Ross have been involved in the transformation of acoustic nuclei via self-designed generators. A deeply individual experimentation that puts an improvising artist in an enviable condition, being able to conceive with considerable sureness a starting frame for a given concept to evolve according to aleatoric principles influenced by manual intervention. In Time Probe this happens within innumerable stages of multiplication and refraction, more infrequently repetition. The outcome is informed by a soft-spoken anarchy vaguely reminiscent of Tod Dockstader’s awe-inspiring soundscapes, but still in a class of its own.

Every pulsation, hyperbole, flash, chance meeting and infinitesimal fragmentation collected by the ears may recall, to retrieve an old stereotype, a microscopic view of ever-moving cells. However, distinguishing legitimate research – this – from the mediocre laptop allurements that get dispatched nowadays as “abstract electronica” could not be so easy for the gullible segments of the listening population. The artistic veracity is in this case ascertainable through a simple process of parallel correspondences; the experts will automatically connect the dots and the lines of malleable structures shaping Obermayer and Ross’ cosmos and, at the same instant, attributing various degrees of nobility to their textural juxtapositions. Unfortunately, the inherent repercussions of complexity prevent many people from learning to welcome the disfigurement of tradition. Or, if you will, dissonance – namely, the best teacher of acceptance at large. But it is never too late to start investing in auditive incentives against metaphysical empty-headedness; in that regard, this music will generate abundant profits.

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