Let’s face it: for the average consumer, a dose of pessimism is almost mandatory in front of a percussionist’s solo release. According to the mainstream, drum and percussion sets are not comparable to the “patrician” specimens of the various instrumental families because of the perceived inability of generating advanced melodic/harmonic materials. Naturally, this is a completely stupid preconception; Frank Rosaly explains why, in the meantime enlightening the skeptics on the possibilities of a relatively restricted timbral arsenal to be stricken, rubbed and ultimately altered by the right hands.

Rosaly is an extremely active performer and collaborator throughout a wide genre gamut, a versatility detectable in every facet of his creation. Thanks in no small part to a clever use of electronics, what he achieved in this circumstance is nothing short of brilliant. Speaking of rhythmic misconduct – the actual basis of an increased comprehension of several universal laws, if you ask me – he juxtaposes biting textures, ruptured pulses and ritualistic auras. Think Z’EV, think Brian Chase, but please do not remain stuck on these vague associations. In fact, Rosaly can drone the air out of your lungs with relative ease (as per the title track). Or exercise a flexible accuracy in anomalous contexts, where the influence of hypothetical accidental events – believe me, they are not accidental – is defined by parameters related to the “pace within” set by conscientious percussionists during an improvisation.

What the populace might define as a clattering mass of disjointed pieces in “Te Cuidas Mucho, Miguel” or at the outset of “10 Hz” is instead the acoustically graphic representation of a hyperactive mind keeping multitudes of patterns and intersections in check. In a nutshell, the foundation of a polyrhythmic vision symbolizing the all-encompassing flow of life at large. In places where a disciplined approach meets the rules of apparent chaos one can find the highest probability of receiving a strong artistic message. In Malo this happens through music which is a pleasure to recurrently listen to, despite its noncompliant temperament. Not exactly a given, in this day and age.

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