ANNA ZARADNY – Go Go Theurgy

Musica Genera / Bocian

When looking at Anna Zaradny’s eyes, the mix of intense reflection and ferocious concentration lets us fantasize about a plethora of differently shaded sound waves crossing her mind, to the point of decisively shaping her very countenance. The positive news: Zaradny is unquestionably capable of translating those acoustic conceptions into an entrancing psychophysical truthfulness. This is clearly evidenced by this concise album, the first solo release in eight years by the Polish composer, who deserves to be attentively followed in a field where talent is, typically, inversely proportional to the amount of bells and whistles.

The reward offered by Go Go Theurgy is not something for which a listener pumps a fist in the air with ecstatic joy. Rather, this is a nearly worrying soundscape, instantly hitting the senses with all its might. A few seconds of electronic glimmer precede massive cascades of droning substances; quaking vibrancy and exciting inharmoniousness are masterfully balanced throughout 28 minutes. The scenes change abruptly, one after another, but everything that happens is not there by chance; there’s a definite feel of seamless continuity in spite of the diversity of timbres. The power generated by this living organism is startling. Subterranean rhythms deriving from the shifting superimpositions of patterns sustain our focus until we get to sections where things seem to (ominously) calm down a bit. Ears and nerves are vigorously kneaded time and again inside a veritable process of excentrifugal depuration. Extreme physicality splashed with transcendental colors in a fine example of cultivated sonic fierceness.

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