I’ll admit that this time Joda Clément had me hooked even before I began to listen. The “ear-in-the-shell” cover photo. The record’s title. My incontestable devotion to the sea, in front of / inside which I have spent the most inestimable fragments of my entire existence. All the factors were in place for what one might call a “biased” review, also in virtue of my liking of Clément’s previous output (or, at least, what I’ve been able to enjoy of it to date).

The album fulfilled my expectations, becoming a welcome presence over these last days. Spread onto three tracks, Sea Songs combines various types of location recordings (not only marine), emulsified echoes, faded snapshots, subliminal suggestions and tiny surprises: pay attention to the final seconds. A series of consecutive scenes defined by a clear sense of continuity, and I don’t mean just sonically; all of them are meaningful, poignantly human in a peculiarly unassuming way. As always with the Canadian, there’s no surplus of “in-your-face” detail; still, several components are discernible or intuitable. The long-established technique of mixing sounds as if they were captured by our ears on an actual shore represents an ideal route across memories of ancient scents, adolescent heartbreaks and – especially – the first signs of an important realization: the all-encompassing music of the sea, with all the tangible details of a real life surrounding it, form a mind-enhancing drone charged with the secrets of inscrutable emotions.

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