While there’s no need (hopefully) to tell you who Don Preston is, this debut album represents your host’s first meeting with multi-instrumentalist-circuit-bending-computer-manipulators Jeff Boynton and Philip Mantione. In times of ceaseless drivel concerning past and future existences within thick-witted discussions about quantum physics, finding artists engendering acoustic abstraction without titling pieces with reference to those topics is revivifying. More properly, TriAngular Bent select a specific improvisational environment and explore it with the same curious ingenuousness of a clever young student. They utilize classic electronica ingredients with taste, politeness and a modicum of melodic design; the addition of instruments like cello and piano keeps the balance on the “benevolent puzzlement”side. Hundreds of echoing signals, fairly regular pulses and wavering backgrounds encircle the listeners, occasionally disconcerting them via bizarre synthesized sonorities. Bubbling liquids and steadier structures mesh without menace (or, even worse, pretension). With the exception of a pair of slightly substandard tracks, this is largely affable music that retains a DIY ethic and appears fundamentally honest, as opposed to countless richer productions characterized by an unbelievable amount of puerility.

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