NILS QUAK – Einige Sehr Populäre Songs

Wounded Knife

Before you start worrying about Nils Quak’s descent into the hellish mire of low-budget pop tunes, let me assure that this C-30 tape (!) is nothing but a succinct collection of diversely resonating soundscapes. Every once in a while they’re scented with vague post-industrial (!!!) perfumes; elsewhere, the mechanisms of reminiscence get tickled in strange ways (“Againagainagain”, for example). The use of granular synthesis adds sporadic traces of corrosion to the extended reverberations defining a few chunks of this music. I stress “a few chunks”; in fact, a track called “Singular Events Framing The Day” rather resembles a miniaturized gamelan put into a Kraftwerk-loving washing machine running on a Bill-Bruford-circa-Discipline rhythmic cycle. When I tackle releases like this one, the tendency is that of trusting my first instinctive reactions to set an initial level of analysis. In this case, Quak’s expertise – in conjunction with an absolute lack of bitterness and/or gratuitous violence – is the reason behind a moderately rewarding adventure: the components may be well known, but the assembler explores his technical possibilities to utilize them fairly satisfactorily.

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