TOM RECCHION – Oaxaca Dawn / Bamboo

Elevator Bath

This shortish release is the result of Tom Recchion’s ability in seizing the acoustic marrow of two definite moments of his life. Being these tracks constructed upon unprocessed field recordings, it is obvious from the beginning that the misshapen identities and ectoplasmic sonorities typical of Recchion’s loop-based output are not in attendance in this case. The adjectives used in the liner notes for this material – “raw, unadulterated and unpretentious” – look perfectly OK to categorize it.

In such a kind of offer we are not looking for anything but a link to our own experience as deep listeners. Both pieces work very well in that sense. The incomparable animal counterpoint of “Oaxaca Dawn” rises from a quietly buzzing atmosphere that nevertheless seems to slightly increase its pressure level with the elapsing of time. The hissing leaves and irregular clattering of “Bamboo” appear as the carving of silence by the wooden core of mother nature. Any smell of holiday brochure is kept at safe distance as one enjoys the heartwarming traits of soundscapes comprising a number of familiar rural echoes. Without intellectual components blemishing the overall purity, there are no impediments for sharing less than 30 minutes of someone else’s corroborating loneliness inside diverse environmental settings.

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