MUCHE / HEIN (7000 EICHEN) – Transferration


In this absorbing 5-track set, trombonist Matthias Muche and guitarist Nicola Hein integrate intelligent talkativeness with an appreciable degree of intellectual soberness. The nodal points of their conjectures are characterized by a healthily unsentimental interplay: exploitation of pure timbral components – no effects whatsoever – and intuitive suddenness come first and foremost. It’s not a one-way street, though: numerous indications to different paths exist, if only on a potential level. And yet the duo chooses just a few of those directions, exploring a limited variety of dynamic relations (mostly of the mercurial kind) in lucid fervency. Accordingly, the resulting music is solid, precisely contoured and gifted with business-like practicality.

A heartening wit emerges from Muche’s approach. The trombone’s burbling chatter acquires consistency by the minute, except when the instrument is employed as a generator of compressed air in the trademark “reductionist” acceptation. Even then a lively, pushing force is detectable as opposed to the ho-hum whispers drenched with saliva typical of certain hypocrite “virtuosos” of nothingness. Hein’s strings incarnate several definitions of partnership, most often of the “rub-me-the-wrong-way-and-I’ll-scratch-your-face” sort. The innards of spurious resonant matters whirl and propagate through countless combinations, dirtiness and sparkle weighing exactly the same. Overindulgence, in the mind of both artists, is not considered: the consciousness of having extracted every possible ounce of interest from a given vein allows them to escape from the quicksands of ordinariness whenever that risk appears on the horizon.

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