GIANNI MIMMO – Prossime Trascendenze


Editor’s note: these are the album’s liners, penned by yours truly. Thanks to Gianni Mimmo for the opportunity to be a part, once again, of one of his projects.

As a man endowed with the healthy willingness of a child, Gianni Mimmo is attracted by the communion of distinct definitions and nonphysical components. Although his art primarily orbits around impermanent delineations, an invisible pre-organization is often detected. An inherent plan dictating the steps towards a higher level of articulation; a shape that remains, needless to say, unknown to the performer even after the creative act’s ending. It is felt, but it cannot be truly portrayed.

With Prossime Trascendenze, Mimmo competently renders the transmutation of different aggregations within a collective interplay. He does it through a set of graphic scores that leave ample space for the instrumentalists to connect the dots of human closeness. Inside these seamless orchestrations, whose natural transparency is a minor miracle to behold, the ears immediately find their correct positioning. By analyzing the composer’s incisive signs, the angular handwriting on the score sheets, one fantasizes about his expectant pursuit of a condition where players and listeners can co-act. Any parasitical attitude potentially related to an average listening session (“music comes to me, let’s see what I can get from it”) is entirely erased. Across the contrapuntal tableau and the solipsistic fragments we can walk slowly, inhale deeply and observe the small particles against the light rays.

The category of instrumentation utilized in this project represents a finely balanced integration of chamber scents. Hearing diverse timbres merging into striking glissando, catching the implied intensity of a dialogue between viola and double bass, or acknowledging the ritual traits of firm gestures is absolutely rewarding. Occasionally, the elegant flair of Mimmo’s soprano appears as the flag-bearer of a splendid textural intelligibility, his compositional vision running parallel to the “rational adventurousness” of those extemporaneous melodic events.

Of our dreams we usually retain a few details realistically, and most of the environmental and geographical contexts indefinitely. Accordingly, Prossime Trascendenze is an admirably lucid depiction of the inexplicable processes leading to creation, where “creation” translates as “living in a dream-like state”. Gianni Mimmo has tried to take a snapshot of the moment when realism and imaginativeness embrace. Neither confusion nor sorrow are elicited by that photograph: it’s a perfect picture of peace.

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