YUI ONODERA – Semi Lattice


In a trademark “backward promo trip” amidst the skyscrapers and boxes of unattended CDs furnishing the house I stumbled upon this strangely titled disc by Onodera, promptly electing to give it a try. Released in 2015 and now out of print, Semi Lattice’s seven tracks swell across the listening space with modest passiveness. Mainly occupying a single harmonic environment (with the occasional imperceptible shift), they bring forth variable feelings, typically tending to a somewhat uneasy introspectiveness. The little knowledge I have of this Japanese composer’s work always indicated an estimable restraint: the sounds are given time to come to life, look around and establish their connotations very deliberately. Utilizing both ends of a palette including field recordings and regular instruments, Onodera processes the consequences of elementary gestures to the point of not requiring superfluous dissections. You could name references all day – Celer, Andrew Chalk, Taylor Deupree among the ones coming to mind – but tracing connections is not imperative. These 46 minutes, made of glimmering melodic ghosts and echoing resonances replete with organic tactility, project an aura of sentience and resignation. Although not an epochal masterpiece, this is still a deep record asking for several spins before one builds a definitive opinion, which – like all opinions – should never remain categorical and, ultimately, is completely insignificant in the great scheme of things (minus the Invisible Man).

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