GOLDEN BRAID – Golden Braid


Heaven knows how I welcome artists detailing the descent of their work so that one has not to recycle the blurb. Translation: check the above link.

Golden Braid is a pleasant loop-based album. Not exactly radical in terms of overall vibrancy or original content, but nice to hear nevertheless. It reminds me of a time period in which post-industrial entities such as Het Zweet (…anyone?) were on my turntable day in, day out. The mantric characteristics of this type of ceremony are unambiguous, especially when the assembling procedure is carried out by people able to differentiate the serviceable frequencies from the useless ones inside the resulting integrity.

The grooves of this LP are saturated by the music’s harmonious muddiness. We may use ears and intuition to guess the core matters, but after mere minutes there’s no more need to establish anything. Just let yourselves go with the (massive) flow, and point your third eye towards the tarmac of an imaginary road to obscurity. The vaguely dramatic, yet at once totally reposeful sonority helps to forget that there’s plenty of kindred material published on hourly basis around the globe. However, this particular release caught yours truly in an “open mind” morning, and I am a firm believer in the “right sounds at the right moment” theory. Give it a few hours – they will not be wasted.

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