LOVE OF THE FARTHEST – Providing Water And Drought


A deplorable ignorance about members and origins of Love Of The Farthest does not detract from my good feelings for Providing Water And Drought. Its four tracks – “I Come Bearing Pestilence And Efficiency” and “Martial Euphemisms” being my favorite titles – describe a droning continuum whose nuances range from mildly threatening to emphatically clangorous, with very few tendencies to composure. More often than not, analogous releases are permeated with a kind of hedonistic morality, ultimately turning the indispensable godlessness into undue consonance (both interior and exterior). Although nothing here is going to cause genuine soul’s bellyache, a slightly unlawful harmonic content affirms its power completely and without haste. The non-uniformity of the (unlisted) components is the record’s winning card, making sure that the entire “noisy signal-to-perturbed ecstasy” spectrum is covered with success. As the minutes glide by, one realizes that the mind is remaining active – if working in the background – while the trademark sensual delight distinguishing every drone album worthy of its “valuable” status is gradually acquiring the ownership of our systems of reception.

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