Freedonia Music

One may decide to altogether discard the “aesthetic judgment” criterion in regard to this set of top-quality improvisations after having been overwhelmed by their complexness. However, there’s no denying the equally strong feeling of a unique bond between the musicians involved (curricula can be perused at the label link). The Perihelion Quartet (cellist Tracy Andreotti, percussionist Henry Claude, pianist Greg Mills and reedist Dave Stone) is a multifaceted beast under the guise of a genuine human cluster – absolutely no “prominence” whatsoever by any of the players. At this level of interplay, the accumulation/rarefaction ratio of timbres and dynamics frequently turns the music into an extremely malleable discordant commentary for the bazillions of wrong moves we do on a daily basis.

The last sentence is not meant as disrespectful towards the acoustic partnership, explicated via twelve tracks that ideally work as a continuum. What this writer means is that eventual hypotheses of problematic apprehension by an audience constitutes no issue for the group, whose components are only interested in leaving from a given meeting point to travel across a thousand of often antithetical possibilities. In essence, A Day At The Circus! teaches the values of difference – even quotidian non-accomplishment, see above – much better than a theoretical “democratic” speech in the filthy mouth of a politician. The vibe conveyed is as convincing as a self-assertive organism deprived of repressed anger; four intelligent instrumentalists who just know what to do. Putting technical expertise at the service of all-enclosing instants of creativity Perihelion emancipate the consenting listener in new ways, mostly coinciding with the word “acceptance”. Sometimes, all it takes to increase the awareness of what surrounds us is releasing the positivity from the suffocating blanket of obviousness. Or, if you prefer, punching the solar plexus of mental occlusion.

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