NOVI_SAD – Wound_Burner

Sub Rosa

A proficient investigator of overlapping disciplines capable of triggering a riveting audibility, Novi_sad (Thanasis Kaproulias) positions earthy murmurs, human impressions, urban repercussions and computer-generated kernels within works that never fail to throw the percipient in a state of semi-conscious brooding. Wound_Burner – another compelling admonisher about man’s cosmic irrelevance – constitutes a practical example of how the phenomenon of transperception (thanks again, Douglas Kahn) renders every single word enunciated by a presumed “expert” ineffective when it comes to a pictorial transcription of unfathomable causal agents translated into acoustic energy.

Accordingly, there are no specific coordinates in this piece to draw a mental map with distinct reference points. The lone certainty – appearing as a “periodical color” – is a soprano voice (Irini Kyriakidou) heard as a grieving comment of sorts, a soul looking for a way out from a godforsaken place in full awareness that the chances to find it are slim and none. The composition’s remainder shows a relative predominance of heartbeat-slowing frequencies – supposedly of synthetic ancestry – sentiently integrated with tactile/environmental reverberations (is there a howling wolf in there, also?). Infrequent clangorous accents break an otherwise unperturbed current.

People pick up signals in unique ways, decrypting them at varying depths of internal representation. These diversities are graphic symbols of the misconception of verbal transmission, an illusion perennially bound to failure. Music like this suggests the semblance of a promise for a future deprived of egotistical protrusions, an all-encompassing gathering of resonances and refractions incorporating the indispensable messages. Those which remain unspoken as an inherent understanding ultimately materializes. In the pitiful daily jamboree of esoteric theories concerning fairy-tale origins and taken-for-granted evolutions, Kaproulias’ tacit intensity – made explicit by his sound’s unquestionable potential – is a gift to treasure dearly.

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