Cave 12

It is with authentic delight that we return to report on a respectable pair of old favorites. For a number of years I had lost track of the activities of Günter Müller after the demise of his glorious For4Ears imprint. The same can be told about being not exactly updated with Norbert Möslang’s output, often unjustly confined to the elite of small-scale editions but perennially pregnant with fantastic sounds. Both artists have been celebrated time and again for music deriving from an imperious control of disassembled and/or reconfigured everyday sources. From those palettes, immeasurable universes of acoustic events – from “rhythmically supercharged” to “cosmically sinister” – take shape, thus indicating a definite course to neural improvement via idiosyncratic aural insight.

There is a potential contradiction in the communication, for the watchful imperturbability conveyed by emergences and codes might transfer disquietude to certain listening specimens. It is instead a fine craft of layering, each element unequivocally designed to become an essential property of the textural integration. The first words coming to mind are “drive” and “pulse”, in itself a terminology implying the development of a living organism of some kind. Skewed trajectories, invisible sub-paths, micro-signals and violently aleatory responses could, in another setting, easily turn into utter chaos. On the contrary, Vlan_Voilà‘s organic metamorphoses never cease to astonish. A superabundance of electric urges becomes a lumpy lattice of unusual frequencies; an unsteady periodicity sheds light on the umpteenth divergence in the endless book of asynchronous discernment.

In short, there is no chance to find a single minute herein colonized by disorganization or, even worse, apathy. The manifest imperfections signify a fundamental wholeness; the intricateness of diversity yields an uncommon acceptation of the term “assimilation”. It’s just magnificent and nearly moving, closer to the nucleus of instinctive comprehension than any spoken conception forcibly imposed by dilapidated brains most everywhere.

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