Generations Unlimited

So you know a thing or two on what the trade brands as “abstract electronica”.

Yeah, right. When you were still sucking the thumb there was Generations Unlimited, a veritable hub of creative energies well before the advent of internet. Already in the 80s GU featured releases and concerts by artists who would either turn out to be certifiable masters, or remain practically forgotten in spite of a fanciful DIY attitude. Without wasting time in naming names, take a look at this compilation to see who we’re talking about. Better yet, listen to it in order to have an idea of the varicolored roster (and get the brain scrambled quite a bit in the meantime).

However, the object of this review is a fascinating sample of nonfigurative music by label honcho Gen Ken Montgomery and Wolfgang Seidel. You may remember the latter as a fellow machinator of Alfred 23 Harth in this album and this other album.

I really appreciate when sounds are doing the speaking, which is the case here. No indications on the instrumentation; no abstruse theory besides the mere act of producing (unusual) soundscapes.

In a nutshell, a trademark Niblockian “no bullshit”.

Indeed. In this abundant hour (released on cassette, as often happening with this imprint) there’s more timbral variety than in whole discographies of celebrated sacred cows. Forget about discreetness. Everything that happens, happens with a striking texture: harmonically noisy, resoundingly blubbery, or just plain beautiful. It’s all comprised in a capricious yet tangible geometry of the (apparently) absurd. A zone where higher and lower frequencies fight and embrace, rhythms are never regular, vibration is felt in the skull’s bones after having been translated by the sensory apparatuses.

Is it chaotic? Maybe for commonplace-embroiled persons who pretend to believe in a constrained cohesiveness. For the few abnormal animals of this earth deprived of heavenly promises, the truth has always been “out there”. That kind of truth is transmitted via filthy feedback, strangely shaped waves, radio residues, amniotic subsonics, plus additional thousands of indescribable acoustic ejaculations.

A rational vision beyond the deceit of mind-numbing assumption will always be overly dangerous for the purveyors of emotional obliteration. Especially if they don’t understand what is happening.

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