HAPTIC – Ten Years Under The Earth


The exhaustive liner notes – readable through the label link – give a reviewer an easier life. Just take a look and you’ll learn everything in regard to the origins and circumstances of this album.

Having done that, you’ll also notice the final hope expressed by Haptic. Indeed, to transfer a deep experience such as a cave recording into a CD is not simple; we have heard hundreds of analogous attempts over the course of several decades, and – to be honest – the bulk of them has been more or less forgotten. Translation: no, it is not easy; it’s next to impossible. Only the ones who attend physically and spiritually will remain genuinely affected, the memory of the event carved in themselves forever.

For us – the poor listeners who can merely fantasize about being there – what remains is the possibility of enjoying 45 minutes of impressive electro-organic sonorities. And, make no mistake, Ten Years Under The Earth contains so many of them that one can’t help wishing of moving inside a similar domain in the future, perhaps definitively.

The properties and colors of a given resonance might be well known, but some people manage to capture and complement the essence of certain natural presences better than others. This is one of those cases. I’m not even bothering to list the quality and descent of the things we hear; suffice for me to say that the dampness of the setting is rendered very accurately, and the darkness of the reverberating space too.

All in all, this is a laudable release. Still, do not expect anything else than the acoustic memento of a meeting between the eternal and the mortal, the former welcoming the earthborn intruders with its finest musical attributes.

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