Tour De Bras

Nowadays, our stance against the vestiges of lowercase improvisation is less rigid than before. Especially because many of its practitioners have eventually understood that the theoretical fecundity of that ground has been nullified by a large number of incompetent locusts. As a result, abundant doses of whoosh-clink-and-sputter apathy have conclusively annihilated whatever good intention there was on this side of the speakers.

Therefore it is nice to collect enlivening signals from a quintet like this, still trying to assign a degree of gravity to the manoeuvres occurring in the noisier interstices of (relative) quietness. Two types of clarinet, trumpet, percussion and electric bass would be sufficient to raise serious mayhem; however – although a few rambunctious entities do materialize every once in a while over eight tracks – these musicians mostly spark off a vivacious sub-ebullience whose sympathetic consequences involve more the skull than the ears.

When there is focus to begin with, no secondary attachments are necessary: the sounds truly speak for themselves. Lonesome asymmetries are enhanced by contrapuntal spurts halfway through neo-serialism and animalist devolution. Gauzy timbres and barely intuitable silhouettes evolve smoothly into frolicsome stridency. The devitalizing lameness of a damp nihility – in earlier times mandatory to get additional coverage by currently vanished specialists – has been replaced by the willingness to affirm that the present day improviser refuses to (let the audience) die (of boredom), and – provided that conditions and partners are right – is also capable of inducing legitimate curiosity in a curmudgeon who was not expecting anything phenomenal.

A fine acoustic commentary for damaged illusions, a restrained concreteness with sporadic hints to tight-lipped irony. It may take several spins prior to realizing how efficient this music is. Sometimes it is better to furnish those vibrating molecules with a stronger propeller.

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