EVIL GENIUS – Experiments On Human Subjects


In today’s world, “experiments on human subjects” are carried out on a hourly basis, mostly without people realizing. Thus it is much better to pretend that nothing of that exists, and commit ourselves to the perusal of Evil Genius’s second release. This is a guitar/bass + tuba + drums trio (respectively, Max Kutner, Stefan Kac and Mike Lockwood). What we have is a stream of rather composite tracks, many of them with a firm eye on intercourses of the “angular/dissonant” variety (think Doctor Nerve, Forever Einstein and the likes). These hard-to-memorize melodic designs are buttressed by a heavy-knit rhythm section – hey, it’s a tuba – that more or less doubles as a contrapuntal challenge to the guitar’s phraseology. For the curious: yes, Kac also takes solos with that mastodon – and sounds as fluid as a piccolo virtuoso.

Strengths: a manifest technical efficiency, a reasonable sense of humor and the unselfish swagger of musicians who seem to know their stuff to a degree of “inside-and-out-ness” that allows for impromptu departures (I’m not even sure that there are, to be honest). Weaknesses: not really, I didn’t find anything that could seriously pester my delectation. This scribbler’s trademark bastardness inevitably points the mind towards the simpletons who will start thinking around the lines of “not enough air, level of stridency too high, can’t remember a single minute” and so on. For those who have already overcome the obstacle of a one-way method of reasoning, and are able to multi-channel individual acuity while still following the fickleness of daily life – which, for the more unfortunate, is typically determined by some kind of twaddling ignoramus – there will be a lot to chew. And it tastes quite good, if you ask me.

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