NAD SPIRO – Sirius Signals


Reporting on the never enough sung activities of Rosa Arruti, the Basque sound artist known as Nad Spiro, is always a pleasure. For starters, she has stayed in contact – on and off – across the near-entirety of Touching Extremes’ history. Furthermore, and most importantly, her type of creative research is independent from the hustling and the purchased coverage defining many of today’s presumed geniuses fighting for overnight popularity. Arruti is a woman who, to steal a commonplace, really “works at the margins”. Either one understands what she does or not, our inkling is that her craft will not be sold to masses fed by the fatuous propagandas of selected channels of “information” (which – let’s all remember – is not knowledge, as The Philosopher used to say).

Sirius Signals is the compendium of a residency in Cork, Ireland. While there, Arruti gathered a considerable quantity of acoustic materials of miscellaneous origin (as usual, the work’s genesis can be learned by clicking the label link). Subsequently she assembled them in six five-minute compositions of mainly electronic temperament (of abstract typology) bordering with acousmatic territories. This means that a pinch of just everything was thrown in there. Buzzing drones, quasi-techno pulses, Guglielmo Marconi’s voice on an ancient tape, radiophonic junk, pitch-transposed ship horns, synthetic ricochets, low-frequency undercurrents, lo-fi semi-alien singing. You name it, Arruti probably included it.

Still, it’s not a random mishmash of uncanny sonorities; a specific scheme is deduced whenever lending an attentive ear. And yet, some of the most unrealistic manifestations taste like morsels of Nurse With Wound and/or Zoviet France. This seem to indicate Arruti’s willingness to amalgamate the exact and the amorphous in order to invite the audience not to remain stiffened inside their listening habits, attempting instead to open up perceptive dimensions beyond the false securities of “yes, I do know what this is”. According to that logic, mission accomplished. This is both another intriguing release from Farpoint, and one of the finest outings from Nad Spiro to date.

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