NULA.CC – Trilogy

Self Release

Let me add a bit of mystery to the mystery without actually revealing it. An esteemed multimedia group featuring the human entity currently operating as comprises the name of an iconic pop band. As usual, a research is required if the curiosity overcomes the willingness to listen deeply. Which is the fundament of this and other releases by this brand, whose anonymity seems to be crucial for a better comprehension of the egoless spirit detaching its creations from the symbol of a genuine deus ex machina.

Trilogy was born from the skilled layering of field recordings and sounds deriving from microphonic frictions. You will be surprised at how little “friction” there is in the final outcome as one plunges within its powerful currents. The compound is in fact distinguished by assorted gradations of psychoacoustic significance inside contexts of gradual changes of state. We could generally describe them as the manifestations of a forlorn vastness permeated of somewhat exurban scents. The kind of acoustic substantiality that appears static only on surface, but contains instead the traces of numberless forms of underlife.

The main requisite for this variety of sonic framework is balance, and does not need any lesson in that regard. The exact protraction of certain pitches, the phantoms of noises subsequently nurtured by intuition, the absence of “artistic” fraudulence. In about 40 minutes of spellbinding sonorities – including a rather divergent bonus track – both the mind and the mermaids enticing it into its customary “problems” are entirely left behind. We become what we really are: an inconsequential particle painfully attempting to synchronize with concurrent environments and semi-tangible matters. Ultimately, an ideal setting for exercising our awareness to the prospect of a true evolution.

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