Pax Recordings

In order to memorialize the 20th anniversary of his own imprint, Ernesto Diaz-Infante elected to publish a 66-minute improvisation recorded in 2013 to celebrate his 50th birthday. A 12-string guitar – whose tuning accentuates the fractional chorusing of tones, possibly with a slight degree of processing – was all he needed.

In keeping with Diaz-Infante’s propensity of the last years, For M.F. is a meditative piece exploring the resonant qualities of the instrument. The approach is as always unshielded, intuitive to the point of candor. Plucking the strings without urgency, completely immersed in the reverberations emanated by the guitar’s body, our man releases placid arpeggios and solitary notes enriching the air through the unusual ringing of the upper partials. From the listener’s side, the feel of being cuddled by a somewhat outlandish cradle song emerges immediately. Or, if you prefer, this music sounds like a bell tower imagined by the mind of an acoustic guitarist: the slow tolling, the dilating waves, the same unconscious sortilege created by the neighboring town’s church when the wind is favorable. You get the picture, and I suppose that no additional words of mine are required.

Or, perhaps, only this: it’s beautiful, every once in a while, to receive small gifts from unpretentious artists. Diaz-Infante has grown us used to this modest benevolence over the course of almost two decades, and we’re still as thankful as the first time.

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