MATTEO NASINI – Sparkling Matter

Yard Press

Remaining puzzled by the name of a creative entity hailing from the same city of the reviewer is rather mortifying for the latter, once again excoriated by his own unawareness. This is what happened with Sparkling Matter, a beguiling LP by Rome’s multimedia artist Matteo Nasini whose work I never had the pleasure of listening to – and learning about – until now. As always, one looks for the riches at remote distances while missing the small treasures hidden behind the corner. To better understand what Nasini does (a lot, one should say) take a look at his website.

Deriving from the recording of brain waves during the sleep phase translated into synthetic sounds by a specific software, this music nevertheless does not bear resemblance to that of Alvin Lucier, who pioneered these types of experimentation by following different coordinates. For Nasini, the activity of the unconscious mind represents a source of tenderly vibrant sonorities whose appearance – to remain inside the Lovely Music scope – often recalled yours truly of David Behrman (in spirit; not in actual acoustic similitude). It’s a microcosm of pleasant oscillations, soothing chords zooming in and out, chiming tones, pseudo-marine washes and much else. The textural entirety is occasionally spotted by glimpses of noisier emissions, still well within the oneiric ambit from which the whole was born.

Nowadays the “knowledge” of indeterminate phenomena is typically “explained” by the nocturnal disorders of many a wretched individual (or, at best, by the overconfident ineptitude of someone who trusts articles written by equally miserable specimens). Therefore it is refreshing to be surrounded by the results of Nasini’s connections between a natural occurrence and the resounding insights acquired from it. This is really an album eliciting the “deserves repeated spins” trademark: quietly meditative but not static, at times even moving (forgive the involuntary pun). A miniature of uncontaminated charm for most everybody.

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