SATURN AND THE SUN – In Love With The Extreme


If you are conversant with The Skull Defekts – disbanded last spring – then you know who Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander are. Willing to consider this duo under a different light, it’s interesting to imagine how a label honcho and a forensic photographer swap their reciprocal expertise around acoustic realities designed to be, in the words of the press release, “mind changing”.

In this writer’s view, In Love With Extreme – four tracks onto a vinyl LP, limited edition of 300 copies – is more akin to a cerebrum strengthener. You can hear, and literally feel many invisible components – clear influences, too – but there’s no question about its analogue sturdiness and pulsating intensity. SATS choose one or two elements to begin a given piece, thus establishing reiterative vamps that moan, thump and pound escorted by transfixing feedbacks, synthetic distortions and further obscure studio-generated forces. Each track does privilege certain frequency gamuts while utilizing the glorious unevenness of the quavering matter. However, the music’s main quality coincides with its massive impact on the skull (pun intended), sufficient to squeeze negativity out of our systems.

Ultimately, after looking back at the album’s title I’m considering the “extremeness” of human heartbeat; something that can be strong or weak, and subjected to a sudden stop. Through their efforts Nordwall and Rylander seem to train the audience to a physical transition into another kind of beat. That which is not obeying to “feelings”, but is connected to the real universal guidelines to be followed without the necessity of crackbrained illustrations.

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