CAROLINE PARK – Live Your Best Factory Life

Glistening Examples

By looking at the few available pictures of composer Caroline Park, a sense of equally rare focused discernment is experienced. As you can learn by reading the notes written to introduce this brilliant release, Park is also an acute reporter on the “details of the subconscious”; in other words, on the rationale behind the average being’s stockpiling of labyrinthine mental processes inevitably destined to end in dissatisfaction. Or disease.

Aside from the truly remarkable title, this sentence is striking: “…volume becomes a physical and nuanced medium to slowly and sculpturally carve out affective spaces for contemplation, unease, and desire”. Should anyone need further proof that sound and silence are the lone functional means to achieve a state of implicit comprehension, then get yourselves comfortable with this item.

Preceded by inexplicable half-liquid, half-clicking aural appearances, the formidable subsonics of “Imagining Entering (But Will Leave You To It)” evoke an environment of intense intramuscular murmurs. We can just “feel” the quaking while plunging straight into the mirage of an inborn harmony that will never materialize. This piece is definitely going to cause your furniture and windows to rattle quite a bit if played loud, as per Park’s recommendation.

“The Structures That Are Set In Place” introduces the continuous ebbing and flowing of more “metallic” resonances acting as sleeping pills on our residual animation. The 26+ minutes of “Braiding And Unbraiding Repeatedly Day After Day” conclude the program with Park’s droning spirit revealed in its entirety; again, the sum of all components – hiss, hum, pitches and superimposition – is enough to clutch one’s intuition of superior schemes and put it in standby mode for a better absorption of the fundamental frequencies. The real guides, that is.

There’s someone around describing this type of material as “ambient”. If anything, it belongs to the realm of pure minimalism. However, this writer’s inkling is that we haven’t seen (heard) nothing, yet. Park is awarely operating at the margins, attempting to eradicate the folklore of timelessness through concrete references and outstanding discoveries. If infinity is – rather obviously – a summation of tempos/ratios and relative subdivisions, trying to explain this concept to people whose cosmic fantasies are still anthropocentric is an utter waste of energies.

Therefore, listen and assimilate. One can always hope.

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