PAVILLON ROUGE – Solution No.5


This Parisian imprint – its acronym standing for “Le Fondeur De Son” – was born in 2016 with the intent of producing and supporting “creative, revolutionary and non-commercial music”. Though we’re by now grown used to manifestos rich in promising words but poor in sonic consequences, it is our great delight to announce that Solution No.5 by Pavillon Rouge (the trio of Jean-Marc Foussat, Mathias Mahler and Nicolas Souchal) is a very fine record of variegated improvisation. Most of all, it sounds pure.

The program consists of four related tracks forming, in essence, a continuum. Foussat – boss of the eminent Fou label – deploys an apparatus described as “electro-acoustic devices”, plus his voice; Mahler is a trombonist; Souchal plays trumpet and flugelhorn. An immediate compatibility emerged between the musicians and this listener as soon as the first minutes were unfolding; the blending of idioms and personalities appeared exquisitely idealistic from the beginning.

The players taste the space, so to speak, to learn how they can wander around and across the dimensions of a three-way spontaneity. Mahler and Souchal do their best to retain the crucial traits of instrumental distinctiveness; they traverse the borders separating a performance’s actual terminology from the lumpy wonders of uneven propulsion and sheer timbral scanning. Once the cores are subjected to Foussat’s ingenious processing, there’s no looking back to normality. Previously explicit shapes reveal a series of asymmetrical twists; the counterpoint becomes rather awkward but never indigestible. The resulting liquids are utilized for repeated disfigurements of the physiognomy of a traditional interplay.

What I really treasure of this album is the overall vividness. Every minute is listenable with mucho gusto; no dead spots, no ho-hum routines. There’s something for everybody in here: whispered salivations, destructured-yet-solid phrases, sturdy loops, oneiric warping, implausible vocalism. And much more. Visit the Pavillon Rouge without fear; it is going to be an improving adventure for your auditive perspicacity.

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