I have probably matured the unconscious need of writing about this limited edition cassette shortly after undergoing some of the most nerve-racking tempests ever seen on this territory. Totally unnatural, they devastated a sizeable chunk of Northern Italy while causing the loss of millions of trees, not to mention dozens of human lives. Being a witness of the ineluctable geopolitical disintegration of this god-forsaken country has become scary in the last twenty years or so.

However, Robert Schwarz remains on the right side of things as far as the earth’s breathing is concerned. While the first part of this cycle (Wind 1-3, same label) was exclusively devoted to materials recorded in the Canary Islands – more precisely, La Gomera – these new recordings do not identify a location. It’s not that important, though. What counts is the sublimation of the inherent acoustic creativity of the wind, which Schwarz achieves by subjecting the physiology of the airy currents to synthetic processes and other kinds of treatment.

The outcome is concise and straight to the point, offering four relatively short examples of a mightiness never dispossessed of orchestral variables. Schwarz astutely interlocks attributes, potentials, hazards and elemental connotations of variously shaped gushes and storms, the effect on the listener still quite distant from the consternation experienced by this writer just a few days ago. We could call this work a hymn to natural idealism; by throwing ourselves into the very roaring power – similarly to what we used to do when welcoming the waters of a raging sea on our younger body – we manage to retain a tiny measure of hope in nature’s ultimate clemency for the weakest link in the chain of theoretical cosmic flawlessness. The man, ladies and gentlemen.

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