FABIO ORSI – Il Vento Disperderà La Schiuma

Boring Machines

An uncommon instance where yours truly decided to listen to a release after reading its title; I immediately understood. Or did I?

Fabio Orsi hails from Taranto, the main city of a beautiful Ionian area; he has remained a man of the sea in spite of a lengthy sojourn in Berlin. For sure his memory has retained the sense of disillusion typical of someone who walks on the sands, ready for the unique communion of sounds, scents and spirits that only a private marine prayer brings, just to find the shore invaded by a polluting spume floating over the ripples.

Children who wanted to bath and play are kept out of the water by parents, their mood darkening in a matter of instants. Still, the local elderlies gifted with a degree of wisdom are fully aware that “the wind will disperse the foam”. Sooner or later.

This is the moving symbolization of a perturbed harmoniousness combining physical, sociological and philosophical issues. As we stare at the surface’s glowing lights, the entire life is rewinded. A feeling of incompleteness merges with the sudden acknowledgement of too many limits. Rarely today’s representatives manage to capture at least a fraction of such inexplicable sensations, but this time Orsi was somehow blessed. Through a guitar/laptop setup he produced one of the finest albums of resonating drones heard in recent times, and I don’t need to explain how it works. Hallucinatory shimmering, gently undulating chords, uncountable stratifications, cryptic subsonics. You can spin the record for days and new shades of voiceless sorrow are going to be discovered, amidst soul-cuddling repercussions and the ebb-and-flow of elusive clusters.

Those enjoying the most hypnotic work of Norman Westberg and Aidan Baker should act fast, although the anesthetizing sonority of Il Vento Disperderà La Schiuma stands in a class of its own. It’s simple, effective, imbued with the kind of insightful poetry that this writer has been treasuring since his (by now remote) adolescence. That which resides at the junction between the sea and an infinite silence.

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