As far as collecting unforeseen sonic gifts is concerned, this analyst is still in a lucky enough position notwithstanding the aggravating garbage that keeps inundating Touching Extremes’ mailbox. Amidst the countless spammers, a few weeks back I discovered the unadulterated charm of LP1: a work by electronic wizard Joseph Branciforte and virtuoso vocalist Theo Bleckmann, the latter’s expressive talents frequently admired by this certified Meredith Monk fan. It was like breathing fresh air while being trapped in a sewer.

The four tracks were conceived over two days of loop-based/real-time studio recordings, subsequently edited to a 35-minute total. In this case, “loop-based” is a rather reductive description; in fact, the sweetly ominous soundscapes born from asynchronous parallelisms of reiterative cycles appear as the fruit of compositional suggestions. To competent ears, the material will confirm the axiom according to which the finest musicians are those who succeed in x-raying a degree of internal anatomy inside an improvisation.

Bleckmann’s intertwined murmurs and calls coalesce beautifully with Branciforte’s combinative facility in what’s described as “artificially synthesized tones, deep subharmonic oscillations and gently layered sheets of noise”. The pace is unhurried, the elemental resonance impressively coherent; not a given, in such a context. One gets obviously tempted by mnemonic associations, depending on the moment. The unfathomable might of Lustmord’s lowest frequencies; the quietly twinkling lights of Taylor Deupree’s imaginary harbors; the rewarding harmonic shades of Brian Eno’s most memorable environments; Carl Stone’s dismembering of vocalized components to produce entrancement. The ghosts have abandoned the bush, definitively turned into a sort of healing moisture; new life forms replace a gradual corrosion of the acoustic substance.

But. Forget about names and hints, just vague coordinates to magnify the essential concept for the reader. That is to say: a superb exemplification of “sensitive quiet music”, possibly to be experienced in an ever-stretching continuum. Its comforting effects will materialize in a matter of minutes, with a lot of substance underneath the external layers to strengthen your certitude.

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