Self Release

An unassuming communication by Christian Schiefner led me to a pleasant discovery, as it often happens in the dark and dusty rooms where the shy monster sleeps. New Nacht Pop consists of four tracks of tape music realized via cymbal, hi-hat and, well, tapes. The latter’s hissing is gentle yet omnipresent, almost to symbolize the oxidized environment from which these pieces emerge.

Still, this is not your average “cheap cassette published by a teenage bozo” kind of release (also because it doesn’t come on a cassette). There’s a degree of shamanic-dronage-cum-bowed metal herein, but not only that. Schiefner looks quite expert in the manipulation and superimposition of compatible frequency gamuts, extracting healthy juices from selected overtones (of the wavering/shifting variety) while exploiting the “regular” characteristics of his percussive arsenal. Organum might constitute a hypothetical influence; but here the noisy component is kinder, and some of the results are closer to something like Nurse With Wound than anything else. In a nutshell, Chemierfaserwerk investigates the throbbing qualities of a sonic compound more than the grating ones, adding a pinch of concreteness and manuality on occasion.

This is a classic case of reduction of commentary working better than a tentative amplification of what is obvious. Compositional skill is always crucial, especially when one chooses to express artistry through a limited palette. Chemiefaserwerk produced a set of compelling studies of the luminosities hidden within variable acoustic spectra. You can play with these nice little creatures all day long; the sufferance accumulated until then will mysteriously vanish.

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