Setola Di Maiale

This concert, recorded in Bologna to celebrate Setola Di Maiale’s 25th anniversary, serves as a reminder that it is still possible to enjoy decent free music in Italy when the right conditions exist.

Bringing together several talented musicians on the Angelica Festival stage and having them escorted by the reeds of wisdom of tutelary deity Evan Parker, label boss Stefano Giust – also featured as a drummer here – provided only a few basic instructions before launching the collective into the 71 minutes that enclose this excellent improvisation, introduced by the gongs of Philip Corner and Phoebe Neville.

The theater’s ambience provides a beneficial natural reverberation to the Unit, the single voices also finding spaces to be individually admired. Among them I’d like to mention brilliant contributions by clarinetist Marco Colonna, vocalist (with electronics) Patrizia Oliva and pianist Giorgio Pacorig. Make no mistake, though: this is a commendable performance by all the participants. The interaction is characterized by often impressive dynamic diversifications and atmospheres changing at the flick of a switch, conveying at times a “ritual poetry” vibe. Most of all, this music never tires the ears, and has a definite reason to survive beyond the celebratory event.

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