MMMΔ – Egoismo


Having become a duo for a long time now (Nikos Veliotis + Ilios), MMMΔ confirm the willingness to squeeze instances of existential oblivion inside a form of composition that does not exceed the length of a few minutes. In a way, theirs are lightless songs privileging the underground dimension of vibration.

Thus the six tracks of Egoismo require, more than ever, serious commitment from the listener: not only as a mere receiving entity of sensational subsonic throbs, but also as a sort of guinea pig absorbing the surprising effects of unexpected melodic (s-l-o-w) turns. The latter place the textural wholeness at a level of improved digestibility, if you like. However, this does not translate into a less disquieting outcome. We still seem to detect the distant lament of souls hidden in some crevice, desperately trying to prove that they’re not deserving of a cruel destiny.

Aware of Veliotis and Ilios’ intelligence and wicked sense of humor, one cannot help admiring their ideological and stylistic coherence. Since Mohammad / MMMΔ was born there hasn’t been a single false step, each release showing the desire of not resting on the laurels of trite classifications. On the contrary, the Greek artists keep developing a scrupulous research in the field of music that exploits cold ritualistic traits in upsetting, yet never genuinely threatening fashion. A “memento mori” that in any case prepares the spirit to accept what will happen without flinching; a training based on extraordinary low frequencies and chants of eternal damnation, communicating to our deepest self much better than any cosmic allusion. Make that “illusion”.

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