PETER CUSACK – Aral Sea Stories And The River Naryn


The rational wisdom triggered by committed listening cannot be equalled. The impressions left by sounds – not to mention the in-between silent interstices – are indelible, and forever will be.

For a restricted number of souls, it has always been totally clear: life is soundtracked by a single boundless composition. Within the all-encompassing resonance every item weighs the same, provided that the “ears-to-inner awareness” connection is working appropriately. This also includes the harmonic constituents of hypothetical “noise”, undetectable for the bulk of humanity. Through the sonic principles of apparently inanimate elements and officially certified “living materials” – not necessarily dull-witted as the man – a deeper level of assimilation of crucial components can be achieved to acknowledge certain existential mechanisms.

We therefore owe a lot to pioneers such as Peter Cusack, for decades active all over the world in the realm of environmental recordings destined to increased comprehension. Specifically, in order to produce this document Cusack traveled for years in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, collecting a considerable amount of natural, meteorological, animal, human or merely circumstantial data (including a local song on the flowing of the Naryn river, here interpreted by Tinarbek Kerimbekov).

This gathering of riveting suggestions brings undiluted contentment to the spirit. Moreover, it reinforces the sense of atavistic belonging often erased by the endless cosmic nonsense many fill their heads with to lessen the burden of a continually verified insignificance. Courtesy of Mr. Cusack’s recorders and raised aerials, we can enjoy a well-deserved break from the involuntary contact with demented theories about what people think they are “studying”, or pretend to “know”. Fortunately, they will disappear one day (theories or people, I’ll leave you to choose). Silence will smile sarcastically at that time, together with its endlessly ricocheting nuances.

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