A SPIRALE & CHRIS COGBURN – Autocannibalism


The A Spirale duo (Mario Gabola on feedback sax, Maurizio Argenziano on electric guitar) and percussionist Chris Cogburn (aiding himself with electronics) have no interest in alluring their listeners with the “beatitude” deriving from predictable sequences and mellow plink-plonking. What they did in a Naples basement is removing the guts of so-called beautiful timbre to let us get besmirched with the grubby core of their instruments, most always manipulated on the verge of feedback (or, at best, of problematic resonance).

What can be detected inside these seven tracks is the spontaneous generation of innumerable micro-rhythms, the nanoscopic earthquakes of strings, reeds and percussion, the acrid heat of the amplifiers, the electronically-induced rejection of dishonest equanimity. The process conveys a sense of collaborative introversion, the result a communion of biologically tarnished improvisations. With repeated listens, the brain gets narcotized by the melting of dangerous saturation, controlled swelling of harmonics, spuriously vibrating particles. At the same time, one witnesses the birth of a jargon pretty unique in its kind. Picture a bunch of termites chomping at the wood of the chairs upon which ordinary aesthetic laws are sitting.

This is uncomfortable music: absolutely not welcoming, it is nevertheless seriously performed and rewarding in its own special way.

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