DAVID LEE MYERS – Prototype Of The Veil


In the last years the experimental activities of David Lee Myers – aka Arcane Device – have fortunately yielded a growing number of releases, proportionally to further advancements of his music in terms of structural definition and acoustic plasticity. The often mean-looking abstractions that used to inform several episodes from the past have given way to an increased harmonic characterization, where the word “harmonic” must be considered with extreme caution. Simply put, Myers appears nowadays interested in researching the connections between various stages of “alien consonance” and the rhythms – inherent, or more explicit – arising spontaneously from those very creatures. Our ears enjoy the results today as they did throughout the decades.

Prototype Of The Veil immediately puts the responsive listener in a setting of dilated aural perspectives and consequent brain stimulations; which, it should be noted, has always been the essential trait of Myers’ output. All sounds flow fluidly, gently, consistently, expressing a constantly changing state of the (unknown) matter in an unusual, but absolutely remunerative overlapping of enlightening radiations. The “comfortable” accommodation of selected resonances is clearly detected within the skull, which starts vibrating simultaneously with additional conjunctions of modules and integrants. The systematic fluctuation of dynamic levels leads to rare moments of stasis preceding unforeseen detours towards imaginary galactic vistas. Without violence, fully aware of what we are perceiving inside, totally focused on the necessary step to the next stage of silent understanding.

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