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Released more than a year ago yet tackled only now, Wooden Mirrors is still worthy of a mention. It comprises two pieces, over 22 and 13 minutes respectively. The title track is a duet for double basses, in which Barbiero and Bocci face several issues related to a potentially problematic overlapping of potent dynamics and huge low frequencies. Halfway through the massive rumbling of subsonic clusters and an undisguised melodic tendency, the duo navigates relatively dissonant streams without apparent problems. The resulting interaction was never tiring for this listener’s ears (the latter occurrence, in this day and age, has become a probability given the ever-expanding mass of useless music we constantly float in).

“From A Concourse” sees Bocci complementing Barbiero’s bass with live electronics. Translation: superimpositions of phrase fragments spinning upon themselves – often in “digital delay” style – whose harmonic product is mashed and somewhat soiled by the processing before pointing towards other directions. Gradually this becomes a set of enveloping drones and bowed snippets, whose sonorities stand between “extremely material” and “oneirically dark”. Rhythmic impulses and reverberant fuzziness may take centre stage at times, only to dematerialize later on. Not epochal stuff, but definitely not subpar.

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