As it happens every once in a while, I’m writing on a CD released much earlier than yesterday; in this case, 2017. Based on a quick search, Kasper T. Toeplitz’s AMAS seems to have gone rather unsung; and that includes yours truly, notwithstanding several spins in the meantime. Yet a day inevitably comes to finally realize how effective certain records are, despite the stupidity of a reviewer who leaves them at the top of the pile for months, thinking “OK, next week I’ll cover the lot.” Then, of course, life starts throwing its regular dose of curve balls, the stuff gets forgotten, and serious artists like Toeplitz do not receive the accolades they deserve for the effort.

Anyhow. This is a single computer piece, transitioning from silence to tremendous noise via the progressive layering of masses of modulated harmonics. The concentration of adjacent waves reaches an impressive, long-lasting apex; subsequently, it gradually returns to zero after having morphed into a gaseous hiss first, and a nucleus of quasi-otoacoustic emissions at last. Toeplitz’s intention was to create a “living organism”, its constitution somewhat influenced by Don Buchla’s pioneering philosophy of sonic synthesis.

The result legitimizes the presence of selected names in Toeplitz’s resume, especially his collaboration with Zbigniew Karkowski. At their maximum volume, the stacked frequencies produce an “expect the worst” kind of vibe, separating the listener from any positivist hypothesis. From a dynamic point of view, there are no spikes; picture an excursion across the extremities of massive loudness, the inside movements distinguishable only by the lucky few who can.

Warning: jerks in need of deific powers and related justifications will be expelled from this place by their very own unbalanced minds. For the practitioners of acoustically induced self-development, this is essential material to keep the work on intelligent unsociability in progress. However, forget about terms such as “pitch”. Or even “surprise”, for that matter. Instead, get yourselves ready to face a mysterious force whose temperament is not immediately discernible. Post-experience, your exact coordinates amidst human bangarang will be more decipherable.

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