An Unsolicited Update

Dear all,

I wanted to give you an update on what’s possibly going to happen at Touching Extremes in the next period(s).

My intention, from now on (and, time and private hindrances permitting), is to listen to as many records as possible among the thousands that have been received over the years, for which I will never stop thanking all those who had the confidence and kindness to send them to me. Old song, but still good.

This means that I will not necessarily give priority to brand new releases. If I find a record published many years ago that deserves to be reviewed, even if late, I will. I already was doing this every once in a while, but now this will become a routine. As I wrote many times before, great music has no expiry date.

Obviously I will continue to listen to the latest releases as well, trying to achieve a balance of some kind between new and less new. Furthermore, I have realized that most artists and labels are happy when some of their older work gets dusted off and talked about, even with considerable delay. I’m also thinking about posting a list of the CDs I’ve enjoyed every month, so that people may want to give them a try even if they were not reviewed in depth (or in synthesis, for that matter).

Essentially, my objective is finding a way to do justice to the music that you so kindly offered throughout the years, and that I find unfair not to play at least once. Of course I won’t be able to tackle everything, let alone review everything. There are several dozens of still-unopened packets in front of me as I type, and thousands of digital promos in the hard disks. But I assure you that I will do my best to absorb as much material as possible, expressing at least a silent “gratitude in spirit”.

Besides, I appreciate being purified by sounds now more than ever. As I get older, I’m more and more convinced that words are mind-poisoning. All it takes to realize is looking at the bulk of the people who trust them without inquiring about what lies behind. Those who sell their own personalities, which become faded replicas of someone else’s, just because they’re afraid of remaining alone, or being somehow “classified”.

It’s heartbreaking. And, sometimes, sickening.

Thank you,

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