ASHER TUIL – Itinerancy

Self Release

Far from the spotlight, absent from the magazines that matter, for many years now Asher Tuil has been researching a sonic spectrum encompassing harmonies which may be plain static, or swaying between more tonalities. An intense flavor of modern minimalism: not really transparent, at the same time occlusive and hypnotic, nourished by feedback, pulse and disguised environmental sources. Tuil’s Bandcamp page is a container of unassumingly effective sonorities to be observed through the lenses of dedicated listening. 

Itinerancy is a long album exploring the accumulation of synthetic harmonics and impurities of both analog and digital descent. Tuil’s approach engenders waves that find their way across the psychological fog of the human envelope, still leaving the essential components in clear sight. The lingering feeling is that of a not-exactly-stable consonance typified by spurious frequencies, radiophonic auras and throbbing undertones, music that fills the skull with stimulating substances to expel its toxic contents. Namely, what fights the instinctive understanding of the primary psychoacoustic laws.

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