HALI PALOMBO – Cherry Ripe

Self Release

Hali Palombo’s eyes look big and curious. The same can be said of her ears, which for many years – since she was 13 – have been welcoming snippets of shortwave radio emissions, rigorously collected and archived by this audiovisual artist from Chicago. Cherry Ripe is a concise and effective demonstration of how an intelligent compositional spirit can be influenced by the inquisitive purity characterizing such a path. By juxtaposing the aforementioned acoustically populated ether cells with field recordings and a synthesizer, Palombo created eight totally listenable miniatures whose profundity rate is not at all low. Voices of unidentified characters, Bach quotes, funnily cheap Philip Glass-ism, sweetly sinister melodies, extemporaneous manifestations from alternative dimensions that sound in any case strangely familiar. You will immediately get used to this small universe, between domestic and visionary. And, above all, you will like it.

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