Setola Di Maiale

Difficult to listen to this record by the Paduan percussionist Francesco Cigana without directly relating the mind to the work of Z’EV, in fact quoted among the main sources of inspiration. The way in which the resonances of the skins are exploited, depending on their manipulation; the ominous “industrial” roar born from the union of skillful rolling, alternative techniques and reverberant environment; the sustained pulse, whether subterranean or clearly distinguishable; the metallic clattering typically associated with this type of percussive improvisation. 

Cigana has worked, in between other situations, as an actor and juggler; his multiple talents are enhanced by a definite sensitivity. It is the latter that allows this music to appear coherent enough at an improvisational level, and rather momentous from the point of view of timbral overexcitation. Across the shamanistic atmosphere generated by the constant beat of “Acknowledgement”, Cigana adds animated shouting to the rest of the sounds before a turbulent finale. Instead, “Octahedron” morphs the instrumental traits into a dissonant vocal choir, closing the album in a surprising and intelligent way.

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