ERIC LA CASA – Interieurs


In a classic case of nomen omen, “La Casa” means “The House” in several Latin languages. It therefore seems logical that the inaugural chapter of this CD should begin with the composer walking us through the sections of his apartment. At first simply listing them, only escorted by a pregnant hush. Later, extracting from each of them a sound halfway between amplified hum and slight distortion of unidentified signals, with the occasional addition of rhythmic/mechanical components.

However, in this outstanding work it is not so much “what” that matters, but “how we relate to it”. Eric La Casa has based his existence as an artist on the investigation of what he calls “infra-ordinary”, preferably within the environment we live in. In fact, the whole of Interieurs revolves around the issue of an individual’s interiority inside the small ecosystem made up of buildings and rooms he/she inhabits. In such a context, there is no longer even a precise geographical or temporal location. Practically speaking, a perceptual human being learns to make explicit the countless inherent “charges” that provide an acoustic potential to a given habitat.

Besides his home, for this project La Casa also explored the larger spaces of Michaële-Andréa Schatt’s Atelier in Montreuil and Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. What’s heard in the tracks recorded in those places include echoes of a more intense activity, and camouflaged traces of what sounds like external field recordings (which probably is not true). The sonic matter warrants identical efficiency on the intuitive part of the psyche, connecting us to an alternative dimension of interpretation where familiarity and mystery blend with elegance. Although, on rare occasions, we can somehow imagine the source, the analytical aspect takes second place to the mute satisfaction of realizing once again how genuine awareness resides in the maximized folds of apparent silence. It’s an extremely useful training to ascertain the uselessness of “studying” and “teaching” if one does not learn to listen prior to opening the mouth.

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